Delectable sandwiches, slices of slab pie and other lunch items available for takeout daily. Also, espresso &  grocery items—just a few choice things that might make for a perfect addition to an impromptu after-work gathering like olives, cheese, charcuterie and flowers. 



1201 10th Ave Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 790-0967

Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, Mon. -  Fri.


Today's menu might include...

Farm egg, white cheddar and pork sausage sandwich, house made English muffin     8 

Farro bread toast with smashed avocado and tomato ginger jam                               7  

12-hour brisket, smoked mayonnaise, plancha Romaine, pickled jalapeño                  11 

Spanish sardine sandwich with piperade, lemon and arugula                                     9    

Burrata, Treviso, sweet and spicy peppers sandwich                                                 9 

Cubano: pork confit, jamon, grilled scallion aioli, smoked pickles, Comte                 10  

Slab meat pie: beef shortrib, caramelized onion, hedgehog mushrooms                    9

Sub gluten free flatbread on any sandwich                       2

Add crispy chicken skin to any sandwich                          2


Truffled sunchoke chips                                                    3


Seasonal fruit slab pie with Turbinado sugar                   6

Slab chocolate pie with smoked marshmallow                 6    

JM’s salted chocolate chip cookie                                   2

Peanut butter chicharone sandwich cookies                    3


Espresso           3

Cappucinno       4    

Café Latte         4    

Americano         3    

Caffé Vita Dark roast    2/3

Caffé Vita De-Caf.        2/3

Iced coffee        3    

Iced Latte          4


Rachel’s Ginger Beer                                                         6

Dry Soda-Lemongrass, Rhubarb, Kumquat                         5

Purity Super Juice                                                             6

San Pellegrino soda- Blood orange or Pomegranate          4

Mountain Valley Spring Water, Still or Sparkling               4